• Chemical Engineer, 25 yr exp., thermal, APC, solid handling
  • Chemical Engineer, 30 yr exp., environmental engineering
  • Chemical Engineer, 45 yr exp., fluidization, solids handling
  • Mechanical Engineer, 35 yr exp., HVAC/building mechanical & specs
  • Mechanical Engineer, 45 yr exp., combustion and APC
  • Mechanical Engineer, 25 yr exp., IV and industrial design
  • Mechanical Engineer, 35 yr exp., Regulatory Compliance Specialist
  • Mechanical Engineer, 40 yr exp., burners and combustion systems
  • Mechanical Engineer, 15 yr exp., hot oil systems, combustion
  • Mechanical Engineer, 50 yr exp., thermal, burners, incineration, APC
  • Chemist, 25 yr exp., inorganic testing and stabilization of metals
  • Env. Scientist, 25 yr exp., hazardous waste, safety and health
  • Env. Scientist, 20 yr exp., steel mills, compliance, safety and health
  • Industrial Engineer, 30 yr exp., manufacturing and management
  • Computer Tech, 3 yr exp., CAD, graphics and imaging, Internet
  • Technical Editor, 20 yr exp., multi-platform software and page layout
  • Combustion Tech, 35 yr exp on wide range of burners, gas and oil trains and industrial applications,




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