NOx Control for Stationary Sources

Course Description

The course is focused on control of NOx for industrial heating equipment, including boilers, kilns, fired heaters, furnaces and thermal oxidizers.   Both economical ·Front End· changes in combustion equipment and more expensive ·End of Pipe· post-combustion controls are covered.  Regulations are also reviewed which affect allowable NOx levels.  The knowledge gained in the course will allow attendees to comply with myriad regulations and promote safe and economical operation.  Part of the value of this course is the practical experience of the presenters and their knowledge of what works best for a particular application.   Case studies are used for illustration purposes and slides of actual industrial equipment are utilized.

The course is presented to industrial and institutional clients on demand.  It was originally developed and presented under the sponsorship of AWMA.

Course Outline

The course is primarily lecture, using overheads, slides, and videotapes, in a one or two day format.

Introduction to NOx Control
Combustion Basics, NOx Formation and NOx Emissions

Regulatory Review

NOx Control

  • Combustion-Based Systems
  • Post-Combustion and Flue Gas Treatment Systems
  • Wet Scrubbers
Stack Gas Sampling for NOx

Controls and Monitors

Capital and Operating Cost Data
Case Studies
  • Combustion-Based NOx Control Systems
  • Dry NOx Control Systems
  • Wet Scrubbers for NOx Control
Summary of NOx Control Technologies


Course notes will be provided.



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