Solids Handling and Feed Preparation

Course Description

The course is focused on flow of bulk solids into and out of thermal equipment such as low dryers, low temperature thermal desorption systems, incinerators and air pollution control systems and use of bulk solids in stabilization of waste and soil with lime and cement blends.  The knowledge gained in the course will allow attendees to procure bulks solids handling systems, avoid mistakes in specification and operation and trouble shoot operating problems.  Part of the value of this course is the practical experience of the presenter and his knowledge of what works best for a particular application.   Case studies are used for illustration purposes and slides of actual industrial equipment are utilized.

The course is presented to industrial and institutional clients on demand. 

Course Outline

The course is primarily lecture, using overheads, slides, and videotapes, in a half-day format.

Introduction to Bulk Solid Handling
Conveying systems
  • Augers, belts, drag chain, pneumatic conveyors, excavators, etc.
Feed preparation and sizing
  • Grizzlies, vibrating screens, disk screens, crushers and grinders
  • Pugmills and other techniques for blending and adding drying agents
  • Chutes, weighbelts, augers, weigh boxes, rams, extruders, apron feeders
Dust suppression
  • Transition points, hoods, baghouses, spray nozzles
Hot material handling and cooling
  • Wet ash drag chains, rotary coolers, pugmills
Storage and retrieval
  • Conical bins, live bottom bins, bridging and ratholing, moisture effects


Course notes will be provided.




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