Carbon Neutral Biomass Energy Systems

Course Description
The course is focused on using biomass as fuel. Primary emphasis is combustion of wood waste and agricultural feedstocks in boilers and furnaces to produce steam or hot oil, or hot gas for dryers. The knowledge gained in the course will allow attendees to evaluate system economics, procure hardware, and avoid mistakes in specification and operation. Part of the value of this course is the practical experience of the presenter and his knowledge of what works best for a particular application. Case studies are used for illustration purposes, with many photos used of actual industrial equipment and projects. The course is presented to industrial and institutional clients on demand, on site or in Webcast mode. 

Course Outline
The course covers:
  • Renewable fuel and CO2/Carbon neutral issues
  • Hardware, from forest to stack, including feed prep, solids handling, furnaces, and boilers
  • Production of steam, hot oil and hot gas
  • Production of chemicals from cellulosic feedstocks
  • Economic analysis
  • Co-firing of biomass with fossil fuels
  • Engineered fuels
  • Emphasis is on the tried and true, with diagrams and photographs of actual equipment and installations


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