Used Equipment

As an adjunct to its engineering work, TMTS Associates helps connect buyers and sellers of used thermal equipment. A summary of typical equipment available follows. For immediate needs, contact TMTS at (404) 627-4722 or via email at

• Direct fired soil remediation systems for petroleum and hazwaste contaminated soil made by Gencor, Astec, Tarmac, Cedarapids, CMI and others, with capacities from 5 to 50 tons per hour.

• Indirect fired retorts for high oil wastes, drilling mud and API separator sludge, with back end condensation equipment.

• Rotary kiln systems for mineral processing and hazardous waste incineration

• Solid waste incinerators

• Oxidizers and afterburners

• Scrubbers, acid gas absorbers, baghouses, coalescing mist eliminators, other APC equipment





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